What Will Pop Culture Look Like After the Baby Boomers?

Every generation wonders about the generation that preceded them and those to follow. Jack Butler in his article, “What Will Pop Culture Look Like After the Baby Boomers?” does an excellent job in encapsulating what the baby boomers contribution to society has been.

As the next generation emerges from the baby boomers shadow, the question lies will they be able to survive and develop a culture of their own? Or will they forever remain in the shadow of the baby boomers. Read more

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The Unique Cultural Identity of Baby Boomers

Since the beginning, baby boomers have embraced an anti-establishment attitude. The baby boomers came of age between two major wars.

Boomers made rock and roll their music, a signature of their generation. They were able to listen to a music separate from their parents because of their access to transistor radios. Josh Allen’s article shows how the baby boomer generation have a culture that is unique to them. Read more

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Baby Boomers Gain Freedom Through Technology

As baby boomers, we are the fastest growing segment of technology consumers. Some of the technology that is marketed to us is quite different than is marketed to our children and grandchildren. This is a great article by H.E. James. Read more

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Baby Boomers’ Retirement Uncertain Video ABC News

For the 77 million baby boomers, there is nothing more concerning for them than the fear of not having enough money for the years ahead.

Of all baby boomers, 44% are not sure they have enough money for their years ahead. This is forcing them to redesign what their future will look like. Only 11% feel comfortable with what they have saved.

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5 Baby Boomer Retirement Trends

Are you a baby boomer born between 1946 and 1964? You are living in exciting times as the retirement years are being reinvented.

First of all, you can expect to live longer than past generation. A man turning 65 in the year 2030, can plan on living six years longer than their counterparts who turned 65 in 1970. As for women, they can expect their life expectancy to be increased by four years during the same period.

Read more to see what challenges you face as you are living longer.

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